Gillies McIndoe Research Institute

"The Gillies McIndoe Research Institute is focused on medical science research that will lead to an effective, less intrusive, and more affordable cancer treatment.

We are grateful for the services provided by Dalyn Software in the design and operation of the databases for our clinical trials. Their involvement is characterised by insight, knowledge, technical skills and a responsive customer focus."

Dr Swee Tan ONZM MBBS FRACS PhD - Executive Director

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"OrganizAmerica has worked with Dalyn and David Emerson since June 1997. David developed a business management system for the associates of OrganizAmerica. The system is used to maintain and measure the client's financial well being.

David has also developed a computer modeling system for our associates to analyse their client's financial situations and goals with several variables. This system is important to the client's financial freedom. We believe that it is a unique tool that isn't offered by another firm.

David has been a helpful instructor, a facilitator about the system and a wonderful communicator. It has been with great ease to work with David. He is easily available and willing to work on any problem or challenge.

OrganizAmerica has been more than satisfied in our working relationship with Dalyn and David Emerson. We highly recommend his services."

Joanne Woiteshek - President

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Pacific Doors

"We have worked with David for the last few years on numerous projects within our Company. We are a large bespoke speciality door and window manufacturer and as such have requirements for systems and software that is not readily available off the shelf. David has worked with us re developing and improving our custom built in house systems and databases for our manufacturing, contracts, and IP management. In each of these areas David has not only achieved what was asked, but managed to actually create something much better and more powerful than we originally had envisaged for each of the projects.

David is organised and easy to work with, which from our experience is not something you can say about all IT and software developers. I would recommend David and Dalyn Software to anyone who needs something a bit different out of their systems and software."

Mike Pearson - General Manager

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NZ Oil Services Ltd

"We have dealt with Dalyn Software Ltd since October 2007, during which time they have created a stock management database that meets our companies’ expectation and demand.

Dalyn Software has delivered an accessible and admirable level of service. Their outlook to any task kept our vision and best interest in concept. David has met all target dates and has created a reliable, user-friendly database that has become a fully utilised and an essential part of our national business.

We can confidently highly recommend Dalyn Software Ltd as a solid reliable database designer and expert in their field."

Ryan Duckmanton - (Previous) Terminal Manager

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NZ Oil Services Ltd

Diesel Agencies

"At Diesel Agencies, because of the specialist nature of the works that we undertake, and also because we have never had any real success in “shoehorning” ourselves into proprietary costing and management systems, we decided to embark on having a tailored Job Costing system and Plant Maintenance Management system that works around us, not us working around the system. David actually listens and “gets it”.

We are very pleased with the outcome. We now have a very useful and user friendly management asset. We certainly recommend talking to David about your specific needs."

Bill Empson - Director

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Excel Digital

"We have used Dalyn Software for a number of years to build Integration systems which link us with our clients, and process their data quickly and efficiently. The systems they have built for us also link into other platforms – for example direct interface with our Courier suppliers systems, avoiding the need to enter some 20,000 addresses per year. David’s systems have become a key part of our business, and helped provide a platform for us to grow significantly.

David is great to work with – his responsiveness is excellent and he just seems to “get” what it is we need. If we ever have any issues he is quickly on to them."

Mark O’Grady - Director

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Smart Power

"Smart Power has used Dalyn Software for a number of years. We are extremely happy with all aspects of David’s service; he is responsive, reliable, knowledgeable and it is very rare that he doesn’t have a solution to our specific issue. David listens to our requirements and produces the results we require. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dalyn Software to anyone looking for a bespoke, cost effective software solution targeted to their specific needs."

Nick Oldham GM - Utility Solutions

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Solora Healthcare And Rehabilitation

"The Solora team have worked with David since 2015 when he created a client business database system for our nationwide homecare programme.

The software system covers all of our processing and billing requirements which are complex as we work with multiple healthcare providers.

David is great to work with, he is extremely approachable, accessible and supportive."

Anne O’Brien - (Previous) Relationship Manager

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